Rasmus Landgreen

Our Mission

We found a problem worth solving.

The Current Food System

Below we are going to outline some of the biggest problems with our food system today.

Born out of the industrial era, our existing food system has failed to live up to it’s promise of feeding the world. Billions of people all over the world lack access to quality, nutritionally dense food. Food has traditionally come to rely on two main components — massive distributors and large monoculture farms. Distributors in this sense have acted as a middle-man to distribute food globally, and large monoculture* farms have acted as the trusted, centralized main producer of food.

Peter Kleinau


We’re producing enough food to feed the world [link to this]. We simply can’t get it to everyone. Food often has to travel thousands of miles, and go through an extensive network of distributors, retailers, processors, and storage before it ends up on our plates. During this process, food loses nearly all of it’s nutritional value and we’re fed the remnants. The more hands and functions the food has to go through the more value is stripped away from the people who contribute the most. Does this even really qualify as food?

Raphael Rychetsky


It’s obvious such an industry cannot rely on a trust-based model. How much do we know about the food we consume everyday? Are the people growing our food have our best interest in mind? Are they using sustainable and organic practices when growing the food? The truth is for the most part we have no type of connection with the food we eat everyday. We need a way to ensure trust and transparency throughout the supply chain, and restore connection to the people who provide the most value in daily life.

Our Solution

Eats is a mobile food marketplace where thousands of people come to discover, make, and sell produce or food in their local community. On Eats, you can sell home-grown produce, farm fresh produce, and even cooked meals. It's our mission to create a food economy with transparency and accessibility at its core. We've built a place where creativity and connection thrive because it's powered by the people. We help our community of sellers turn their produce and food into a successful business. Our platform connects them with millions of buyers looking for an alternative—food with a special human touch that can be trusted.