Buy or sell local food near you.

Instantly find and purchase high quality locally-sourced food in your area.

A New Food System

Eats is a mobile marketplace allowing anyone to grow or create food and sell it to their community. Our mission is to create a new open and accessible food system for everyone.


Easily find locally-sourced produce and food near you.


Have any extra fruits and veggies at home? Growing food at home? Snap a photo and start selling.


Find something you like? Easily purchase with a tap of a few buttons.

Our Team

We're a team of yoga-doing, comput3r hacking, organic food eating freaks.

Matthew Chun


Maker. Open-source enthusiasts. Building a decentralized future.

Christian Becerra

Mobile Design


Tired of it like we are?

Use your superpowers to build a better food system to sustain our future.

Frequently Asked Questions

We get these a lot...

Eats is an open platform. We don't discriminate against any types of foods. Pretty much anything food-related can be sold on Eats. Except snails. Because that's weird. This means produce grown in your yard, fish you've caught, or cattle you've raised. Currently, we're focused on encouraging people to sell produce (fruits, and vegetables) as this is the easiest way to bring value to the marketplace.

We do our best to verify all of our sellers before allowing them to post on Eats. We require three things before you can start posting your delicious food on Eats. 1. Government Issued ID 2. Selfie (yep). 3. Verification with one social profile. Doing this ensures we can know exactly who you are before you start taking on the responsible role of feeding your community. If you have any ideas or suggestions about how we can better address these problems please get in touch with us.

Nope. Posting on Eats is free and always will be. If you go through the extra process of verifying your profile. You can post as often as you want.

Currently Eats does not charge a service fee to make purchases on the platform. Which means, the price you see is the price you pay. We're looking to build out a delivery network to make locally-sourced food even more accessible. These services would require you pay a small fee.

Our Roadmap for 2018

A brief overview on what we plan to accomplish in 2018. We of course have our own set of internal milestones which we will achieve this year. These are just a few we feel like sharing.